User Tips: CablePro™ | Computer Network Management Software

Browsing a TableBrowse Table or List Box window: Using the horizontal and vertical scroll bars you can scroll the data left and right and up and down.  The highlight bar will scroll with your mouse movement.  The highlight bar also is your record selection tool.  To edit or delete an existing record move the highlight bar to the desire record and click the appropriate button control for Inserting, Changing or Deleting a record.

Insert Buttons - Used to add a new record to a Browse Table.

Change Buttons - Used to edit an existing record in a Browse Table.

Delete Buttons - Used to remove an existing record in a Browse Table.

Close Buttons - Used to Close the active window.

OK Buttons - Used to Save and Close the active record.

Cancel Buttons - Used to roll-back and close the active record.

Select Buttons - Used to pick or make your choice return to the active record.

Query Buttons - Used to dynamically find a specific Value in a Browse Table.

Print Cable Specifications and Other Documents - To print a document move the [Highlight Bar] or scroll bar to the appropriate record and the select the one of the [Print Document] buttons on the right side of the window.  You will be given the option to preview the report.