Telecommunications Space

A telecommunications space is an area used for housing the installation and termination of telecommunications equipment and cable, e.g., common equipment rooms, equipment rooms, common telecommunications rooms, telecommunications rooms, work areas, and maintenance holes/handholes.

The TS identifier, unique within the building, shall be assigned to the Telecommunications Space, and it shall have the format fs, where:

f = numeric character(s) identifying the floor of the building occupied by the TS

s = alpha character(s) uniquely identifying the TS on floor f, or the building area in which the space is located

The TS records shall contain the following information:

TS identifier (primary indexing identifier, e.g., 2A)

type of TS (e.g., TR, CTR, ER, CER, or EF)

building room number

key or access card identification

contact person

hours of access