The default setting for CablePro data path is C:\Users\Public\Documents\ABCI\CablePro. The CablePro default data path is shown in the image below:


New first-time users may need to navigate to the CablePro data folder.

Of course, if you are installing CablePro on a server or shared drive you will need to set the appropriate shared folder privileges for one or more users.

The default location for the CablePro.EXE file is:

c:\Program Files (x86)\qms\CablePro\

Note about the /FIRST RUN option and the Path Manager window

If you move the CablePro data folder you will need to reset the path for the CablePro data folder from the "Windows OS Command Prompt."

c:\Program Files (x86)\qms\CablePro\CablePro.exe /firstrun


Alternately, your computer may allow you to launch CablePro with the /FIRSTRUN option in a Windows 'shortcut'.


The 'FIRSTRUN' option will launch CablePro and open the Path Manager window.


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