Required Linkages

Linkages support the retrieval of information about the telecommunications infrastructure from administration records. Each required record type defines a primary indexing identifier to facilitate linkage between infrastructure

identifiers and records. Optional or user-defined record types should also define a primary indexing identifier.

When administration is performed with special-purpose cable management software, linkages shall be provided between each appearance of an infrastructure identifier in a record and any record for which that identifier is the primary indexing identifier. Linkages to additional records in which the identifier appears are also desirable.

When administration is performed using spreadsheets or paper-based systems, records should be designed and organized to facilitate information retrieval based on primary indexing identifiers. This provides functionality similar to software linkages. Indexes relating record locations to primary identifiers may also prove beneficial.

Required Reports

Reports are the means by which information about a telecommunications infrastructure is communicated. A report may consist of an individual record, a group of records, or selected portions of one or more records.

Administration systems using special purpose cable management software shall make available to the telecommunications infrastructure operator reports listing all records containing a selected identifier and all information in those records, any desired subset of those records and the recorded information, or

any desired union of such information. Paper-based or spreadsheet-based administration systems may require additional record-keeping beyond that described to provide adequate reporting capabilities. For example, a drawing or graphical representation of the infrastructure would allow the operator to easily locate all telecommunications outlets in a given work area, even if they are connected to links originating from multiple telecommunications spaces.