The Browse Table contains two Tabs, [By Item Number] and [By Description].


Use the [Item] field to search for an 'Item'. Enter the first few characters of the Item and then touch your Tab Key. Select the [By Description] Tab to search on the 'Description' field.


Use the [Insert] button to add a new Item and the [Change] button to edit an existing Item.


Optionally, you may import a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file that is created with a spreadsheet like Excel or a word processor.


The Window shown below shows update window for the 'Item' fields.




[Item] Is your part or labor ID.

[Class] Is used by Phonebiz, Quickbooks or ComSystemsPro for grouping Items.

[Description] Is used as a general description of the item.

[Cost] is the average cost from Phonebiz, Quickbooks or ComSystemsPro.

[Price] is the standard selling price after markup.

[Supplier] is used to add a vendor name or code.

[VpartNo] is the vendor's part number if different from the [Item] above.

[Taxable] is used to flag taxable or non-taxable items.

[OrdCost] is the standard cost.