Telecommunications Main Grounding Busbar

A Telecommunications main grounding busbar is the busbar that is tied directly to the grounding source and is used to ground all telecommunications equipment and cabling that require a grounding connection. The Telecommunications main grounding busbar in the TS shall be labeled TMGB.

The TMGB record shall contain the following information:

telecommunications main grounding busbar identifier (primary indexing identifier, e.g.: TMGB)

location of the TMGB (TS identifier)

size of the TMGB

location of attachment of TMGB to electrical system ground or building structural steel

location of test results for any tests performed on the TGB, such as resistance to ground

Additional items of information desired by the system owner or operator may be added to each record, such as:

conductor ID (connected bonding conductor)

conductor Type (gauge, solid/stranded, insulated/bare)

conductor Destination (space, device type and ID)