Graphical Project Tree: CablePro™ | Computer Network Management Software

Projects may be viewed in a window as a 'Graphical Tree'. Under the [Browse Projects] main menu option select the [Projects By Tree] options.



The window has two sorted views or tabs, [By Project Name] and [By Project Numbers].


The Blue Folders represent Projects. The Green Folders represents Cable Drops and the Red Folders represents Cables In The Drop.


You may narrow the view or selection of projects by using the [From] character field and the [To] character field.


Use the [Expand All] and/or [Contract All] buttons to expand or collapse the tree.


Use the highlight bar to select the appropriate Project (with the blue folder icon) for printing.  Click on the [+ ] icon to make sure the desire record is selected for printing.  Also, you can verify which record will be printed by the Project # just above the [Print Record] button.


User Tip: Only the records/Projects with the 'Blue Folder' icons may be printed.  To print a project position the 'highlight bar' on [+ or -] icon to 'open' the record.  Select the [Change Project] button to make any changes to the Project information, a specific drop and cable.