Firestopping location identifier shall identify each installation of firestopping material. The format for the firestopping location identifier shall be f-FSln(h), where:

f = numeric character(s) identifying the floor of the building occupied by the TS

FSl = an identifier referring to a firestopping location

n = two to four numeric characters identifying one firestopping location h = one numeric character specifying the hour rating of the

firestopping system

All firestopping location identifiers in a single infrastructure should have the same format where possible.

Each firestopping location shall be labeled at each location where firestopping is installed, on each side of the penetrated fire barrier, within 300 mm (12 in) of the firestopping material.

The firestopping records shall contain the following information:

firestopping location identifier (primary indexing identifier,

e.g., 3-FSl02(3))

location of the firestopping installation (e.g.: room number and location within room)

type and manufacturer of firestopping installed

date of firestopping installation

name of installer of firestopping material

service record of firestopping location (e.g., 4/22/99 firestopping removed and replaced with same type by ABC Cabling to add cabling runs)