Select the Add/Edit Cable Drop(s) In This Project ... tab and a sub-table will appear.



This example shows a list of Cable Drops that have been entered into a Project. Use this table to define, add, change, or delete a Cable Drop.


Select the [Change] button and the Cable Drop detail window will open.


In the following example a 'Feed Cable' from the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and Intermediate (IDF) frame is entered. Therefore, the feed cable begins at the MDF and ends at the IDF.



The Cable Drop includes fields for TS, Pathway, Consolidation Point (aka IDF) MuTOA, Equipment, Outlet Code and a User Defined Label (UDF).


The Project ID and Drop ID is automatically incremented for the Project that you are editing.

Enter 'MPOE' as the MDF name.


Check the box next to 'Is this a feed cable?' field.


Enter into the [Drop Name] field 'MDF to IDF1 for PBX'.  If this is a regular Cable Drop you may skip down to the Estimate Distance and enter the appropriate distance in feet. Enter in the [Intermediate Frame] field 'Main'. Enter in the {Est. Distance] field '300'.


The remaining fields on the Cable Drop Details will be automatically updated after you enter specific cable information.  You may need to select an appropriate faceplate. Once you enter the Cables In Drop the sub-table of cables for this drop will appear in the table on the right side of the window.