Concept Orientation: CablePro™ | Computer Network Management Software

Fundamentally, CablePro is made-up of three relational databases, consisting of the following:


1.Projects consist of information about a customer account or location.  Projects may contain one or more 'cable drops'.
2.Cable Drops contain one or more cables that have the same beginning and ending place.  Cable Drops may contain multiple types or levels of cable.  Cable Drops are defined by where they begin and end, the cabling distance, quantity of cables, quantity of pairs, type of faceplate and information about the labor requirements to complete the drop.
3.Cables are defined by level, type, quantity of pairs, item numbers, type of termination, type of jacks required and information about the labor required for installation.




In addition, CablePro will store and lookup information about the default specification or template for multiple types of cable according to the cable level that you require.  Therefore, once you have entered your definition of a cable level, CablePro will automatically enter the appropriate default specification for the cable level that you select.