CablePro™ | An Introduction to Cable Management Software

Cable Management Software

Cable Management Software

Version: 7.5.1

CablePro™ is a complete Cable Management System (CMS) for computers that run Microsoft  Windows operating systems. The CablePro software application is designed for cable management of data, voice and video network infrastructures. It is an ideal tool for documenting the design, and cataloging the components of wiring for technological systems.

Also, CablePro™ is designed to aid voice and data cabling professionals and/or purchasing professionals in documenting or writing detailed cabling specifications.  The program calculates both, fixed labor by standardized codes and labor by a time factor (hours and fractions of hours).  CablePro is the ideal tool to transcribe mechanical/electrical or architectural/engineering drawings, blueprints, and graphical representation of cable requirements.  In addition, CablePro can aid in producing a written 'cabling specification' that can be used for creating an appropriate drawing and it is ideal for compiling an 'as-built' cable management report for your cable clients or your cable infrastructure.

CablePro's Quick Quote Wizard can be used to automatically generate from the specifications --request for quotations (RFQ), invitation to bid (ITB), sales quotes, contracts, bill of materials, summary specifications, faceplate labels, patch panel labels, and cable-end tags/labels.

The CablePro™ Cable Management System includes:

ANSI/TIA/EIA 606-A Standard Compliance for CMS

Required Identifiers & Records

Spatial Information Records

Horizontal Link Records & Labels

Intra-Building Backbone Cable Records

Inter-Building Backbone Cable Records

Intra-Building Pathway Records

Inter-Building Pathway Records

Telecommunications & Busbar Grounding Records

Firestopping Records & Labels

Cross-Connection Records & Labels

Cable drop and cable per drop counts.

Compiles Cable count and the required footage

Generates labels cross-connections, outlets, face plates, and cable end-tags.

Jack, inserts and faceplate quantities by type.Consolidated ID(s) [MDF.IDF.DROP ID.CABLE ID.JACK TYPE].

Labor hours and fractional hours for pulling and terminating labor.

The Quick Quote Wizard will extract the items that you have identified as the 'default' items that represent your bill of materials and labor.

Print labels for faceplates, outlets, patch panels, patch cords and cables.

Report Builder is included for dynamically creating new quoting formats, specifications and other reports. Create your own reports or contact us for customization.

Export Horizontal Cable Records to Excel

Import to Microsoft Visio the Excel compatible file of Horizontal Cable Records, which contains the "Shape Data Fields"

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