April 1, 2010

This release includes additional Cable Management System records, which brings CablePro into compliance with the ANSI/TIA/EIA 606-A Standards for documentation and labeling.

1.A Campus Id (Enterprise) field and lookup table are added to the Project, which provides hierarchical viewing and reporting by the Campus.


2.A new Horizontal Cable Table (show below) provides direct access to each cable record, which means easy access so label and other changes can be made more quickly.


3.Added to the Project manifest: Horizontal (H) Cable Record Table; Inter-Building Backbone Record Table; Intra-Building Record Table, Fire-stop Record Table; Inter-Building Pathway Record Table; Intra-Building Record Table.

4.Each record includes fields for: Telecommunication Space (TS) Location for Test Results (LTR), Near-end ID / Far-end Id, Grounding Id (TMGB and/or TGB); User Defined Label (UDL).

5.The Cable Drop includes fields for TS, Pathway, Consolidation Point (aka IDF) MuTOA, Equipment, Outlet Code and a User Defined Label (UDF).


6.The Horizontal Cable Record includes: Cable Counter; Cross-Connect Hardware (Patch Panel or Block), Port and Label; Testing and Service Record Field; User Defined Label for the Cable End-Tags and/or the Faceplate.


7.The Default Spec form includes: Outlet Code; Wiring Scheme; Icon Color.


8.Report Builder includes new user-customizable Cable Management documents and labels.


a)Intra-building Backbone Record report

b)Intra-building Pathway Record report

c)Inter-building Backbone Record report

d)Inter-building Pathway Record report

e)Cable Eng-Tab labels (formatted for Avery 5520 weatherproof label 1" x 2-5/8"

f)Cross-connect Record Report

g)Cross-connect Labels

h)Fire-stop Record report

i)Fire-stop Labels

j)Outlet Labels

k)Telecommunications Busbar Record report