Enter the appropriate information for your company.  You may operate several companies under this application.  You must select the appropriate Company setup file each time you create a Project under the Browse Menu.

You may use your own logo.  However, you must enter the appropriate path and file name.  Usually bitmapped files with the file extension 'bmp' work well.  The size limit is about 1 x 3 inches.  You may need to experiment with your logo to see what comes out the best.


Note: CablePro must be registered with Access Networking Solutions before changes to the Company file are allowed.

The Company or Vendor file contains information that appears on various reports.


The Company ID field is automatically generated and incremented.

Use the Ellipse button next to the [Path For Items] field and the [Path For Logo] field to lookup an appropriate file.


Note: If you are using ComSystemsPro the logo file and items file may be shared with CablePro.

User Security Options appear under the [Users] button option.